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All Things Internet's podcast

Youtuber, Rachel Ballinger, talks about all things internet with her mother, Gwen. 

Dec 30, 2019

Colleen joins us today, and talks about the importance of not showing up at Youtuber houses. This stems from a David Dobrik tweet from earlier this week. We also discuss New Year Resolutions, people being ungrateful on Christmas, Youtube making MORE changes, Austin McBoom's rant tweet, and so much more! 

Dec 23, 2019

Christmas is almost here!!!!!! And the best present so far was Trump getting impeached! Now it's time to remove him! But in internet news, instagram made some changes, Mr Beast hit his tree goal, PewDiePie broke the internet when he decided to take a vacation, and Mariah Carey is milking "All I Want For Christmas...

Dec 16, 2019

The Streamy Awards were this week! And obviously some big names won some things!!!! Also this week, Youtube got more strict with their bullying rules, Twitter let you post Live Photos as GIFs, Greta Thunberg brilliantly burned Trump, and Pigeons were flying around in cowboy hats. 

Dec 9, 2019

A lot happened this week! Flynn had his 1st birthday party, Joey threw a Christmas party that ended in a chase scene with Nikita Dragun, Youtube Rewind was a bust, Taylor Swift dropped a Christmas Song, and both Instagram and Twitter made updates. There's more but I'm tired of typing. 

Dec 2, 2019

Not much happened ON the internet this week, except Twitter deleting old inactive accounts, Baby Yoda taking over, and Tik Tok banning activists. But there was some drama outside the internet, like leftover thiefs, double parking, and TERRIBLE TOILETS! Thank you HelloFresh and Ritual for sponsoring this...