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All Things Internet's podcast

Youtuber, Rachel Ballinger, talks about all things internet with her mother, Gwen. 

Jul 29, 2019

DoorDash has apparently not been giving it's deliver people their tips, Amazon can now get into your car, Tana had a wedding, and oh so much more. Thanks Twine and Myro for sponsoring this episode! 

Jul 22, 2019

We've recently discovered just how hard it is to start a Youtube channel nowadays. Youtube really isn't setup to encourage new talent from joining. And we're mad about it. Also Faceapp now owns your life, Tana and Bella had a weird thing on Twitter, Shane Dawson posted a new video (as if you didn't know), and...

Jul 15, 2019

Vidcon completely took over our lives this week, but it was one good time!!!! Jana set a wedding date, Twitter shut down, we have a new BBQ Becky, and mom CRUSHED it at First Word. Thank you so much Ritual for sponsoring this video! 

Jul 8, 2019

Racists had a long week! They had to be mad at Nike, Starbucks, AND Disney! Poor guys. But in other news! We had an earthquake, Instagram went down AGAIN, there's a new challenge going around, and Vidcon is this week! Thanks Twine and ForHers for sponsoring this week :)

Jul 1, 2019

Scooter backstabbed Taylor! Tana Got engaged! Logan Paul thinks he's the fastest.... But at what? There was drama with yoga mats! Colleen made us paused the podcast! SO MUCH DRAMA!!!!!