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All Things Internet's podcast

Youtuber, Rachel Ballinger, talks about all things internet with her mother, Gwen. 

Jun 24, 2019

Not much happened this week, except Bella Thorne had to release her own nudes to stop someone else from leaking them, Nashville is banning electric scooter because of one drunken mistake, Youtube is under investigation, they will also have interactive beauty ads this summer, and Toys R Us fooled us all! No sponsor this...

Jun 17, 2019

We tried to talk about internet things today, like Dan Howell coming out, Amazon putting misleading labels on stuff, Uber delivering food by drones, and Keanu Reeves.... But we kept going off on tangents, especially poop related ones! And thanks Twine for sponsoring us! Lol

Jun 11, 2019

Colleen continued to wow the internet. Youtube is still failing at fighting pedophiles.... SHOCKING! This mess has caused one of the internet's most favorite ASMR youtuber to threaten quitting. The beauty community had another scandal when some lipsticks seemed a bit hairy. Justin Bieber confused the internet with a...

Jun 3, 2019

Youtube went down, Colleen has a special coming out on Netflix, she also had her first live show back, Miley came out with a new album, Spongebob is forever, and iTunes might be gone forever