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All Things Internet's podcast

Youtuber, Rachel Ballinger, talks about all things internet with her mother, Gwen. 

Oct 29, 2018

A lot of terrible people did terrible things this week. But we have the power to vote Nov. 6th! Also... don't worry, scientists made bricks out of pee. Yes. That's right. WE ALSO HAVE A SPONSOR! Visit and enter in ALLTHINGSINTERNET for 40% off! Get those organic cotton tampons! 

Oct 22, 2018

Starting the podcast right by embarrassing mama B right off the bat. Covering all the main topics like Ariana's breakup, Shane's documentary with Jake Paul, and a bunch of airlines dealing with TERRIBLE passengers. Then Mama B FINALLY figures out the game First Word! 

Oct 15, 2018

Talked about some VERY newsworthy things. VERY. NEWS. WORTHY. Also tried to stump mama B with some riddles but she is actually a genius. We are also sponsored by Hello Fresh! Use promo code AllThingsInternet60 at for money off!!!

Oct 8, 2018

COLLEEN AND MIRANDA LIPSTICK AVAILABLE NOW AT MirandaSings.Com YAY!!!!!!!! Also other things happened in the news. 

Oct 1, 2018

Kanye West wants slavery to be allowed again apparently? Shane's new series has Logan Paul pissed, and we tried to hum some songs. It's a blast!!!!